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Welcome to Shri Jay Raj Vidya Mandir School (CBSE). We provide a unique curriculum, which imparts holistic and progressive education in tune with the latest developments in the field of education. We also provide excellent quality education in an environment that will enhance learning.

What We Offer

Our Main Goal is to Educate a Students with high quality which you can use to change the world.

Why Choose us.?

Because we are Reliable.

Shri Jay Raj Vidya Mandir School (CBSE) believes that excellence is not an exception and it is a prevailing attitude to realize in the learning of the treasure within

Our Mission

To Educate You.

At Shri Jay Raj Vidya Mandir School (CBSE), we facilitate the students with a state-of-art infrastructure to provide them an amiable learning experience.

What we do

Brighten Your Life.

Admission is based on the performance in the entrance test. However, admission shall primarily depend on the availability of seats.

Our Skills


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Value based education for wholesome development, Located in eco-friendly atmosphere, Promoting character formation and humanitarian outlook, CBSE Syllabus, Pleasurable and friendly learning experience , Hi-tech classroom, Co-education Highly qualified and enthusiastic staff, Spacious and modern infrastructures, Well equipped computer lab & Audio visual Theatre, Extracurricular activities, Excellent sports facilities,
A unique perception of Shri Jay Raj Vidya Mandir School is its composite lab-the zone of experiential learning, a feature, Alpha is proud of. Students of grade I to V enjoy precious moments of discovery as they freely explore life experiences while learning sciences, maths and humanities. The school offers LEGO Learning, which is introduced and taught across grades from Lower kindergarten onwards and is a part of the regular curriculum.
The School Library is the hub of intellectual activity and is stocked rich with reading material and reference sources, which provide information and ideas that are fundamental to functioning successfully in today's information and knowledge-based society.The structured reading program that Shri Jay Raj Vidya Mandir School engages empowers children to attain significant reading levels by age 6, which is indeed the star take off to a meaningful journey ahead as children read to understand..